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Dr Andrew Curran

The Neurobiology of Learning - Attachment Theory - Neuroscience for teachers

We have said for a long time now that if you don’t know about brains then you don’t really know about teaching and learning.

For Andrew, we must never lose sight of the human being in front of us. In the same way that a good doctor looks beyond the symptoms and the illness to the well person that lies beneath, a good teacher will look beyond behaviours and academic outcomes to a child who is very capable of learning.

It is for this reason that we are delighted that paediatric neurologist and neurobiologist Dr Andrew Curran is one of our longest-standing Associates and someone who is still one of our most requested speakers.

And rightly so.

At a time when recent understandings of neuroscience with regard to learning seem to be boiled down to dual modality processing, appropriate reduction of cognitive load and spaced learning (or saying what you see, making it hard but not unnecessarily hard, repeat till it sticks), Andrew’s research and vast experience shows there is more to neuroscience in the classroom than these reductive approaches.

Recent titles include:

  • Learning through love: how neurobiology shows us that a loved person learns optimally
  • The neurobiology of learning, attachment and the classroom
  • The neurobiology of behaviour

Andrew’s clear and humorous, approach to unpacking the neurobiology underlying successful learning and leading is a refreshing and highly informative change to the dull-as-ditch water scientific approaches that clot the field of education.

What's more, he will open your eyes - and hearts - to the single most important neurobiological fact:

If a child feels loved then he or she will learn at their optimum ability. And experience joy in doing so.  

It is an idea that he expresses perfectly in his Little Book of Big Stuff About the Brain which remains ever-popular as an accessible and entertaining read for teachers of children of all ages and academic abilities - neurotypical or otherwise.

If you know that understanding the latest neuroscience has to be more than just ensuring that what gets taught gets learned, then straight-talking Dr Andrew Curran is the speaker for you.

"Andrew Curran was fabulous. He was clearly the outstanding speaker. Bravo to Andrew, he was everything I’d hoped for"

"The information was stimulating and thought provoking. I love that it gave me some ‘scientific’ backing to many of the things I have held closely and felt passionate about when teaching children and adults alike"

"Andrew Curran was brilliant both in terms of content and delivery - what an excellent role model for teachers!"

"It was a real privilege to be informed and stimulated by him and to have beliefs and practice reinforced Inspirational breath of fresh air! Not the same old stuff!"

"We really appreciate the time and effort involved in putting a talk together and want to express our gratitude to you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with the education community"

"I really enjoyed the webinar last night. Very interesting and information I can share with my students on the Education Learning and Development degree"

"The session was wonderful! We have had such lovely feedback and cannot thank Andrew enough"

"Andrew was great and as usual got people thinking"

Dr Andrew Curran In His Own Words


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