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National Conferences

Conferences Don't Change Practice, They Change Minds. Then They Change Practice

We know in these austere times how hard it is to get out of school for a conference. That said, we're going to keep on running a few each year because we know how important they are for all of you who can make it.

We run conferences on a whole variety of important topics. Some we do on our own, some we do with partners we like the look of. Whatever the format, the venue or the topic, we guarantee you a day full of inspiration, insights, practical ideas and an overwhelming sense of relief that you're not alone.


National Conferences Coming Soon:

The 2021 Scottish Leadership Conference

Our Kids Can - A special one-day conference with four leading speakers to support Scottish schools of all phases and backgrounds as they bring the best out of 'our kids'.

Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor

An unmissable post-Covid ‘bounce-back’ course with researched, evidenced and proven
techniques to turbo-charge Maths teaching.

Make a booking, ask a question, panic. All acceptable.

Give us a call on +44 (0)1267 211432 or drop us a line at

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