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Free Thinking

"Only a crisis actual or perceived produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around."

Milton Friedman, Economist.

There are plenty of great ideas lying around here to watch, read or listen to. 

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What Are The Pillars Of Your DigitalStrategy?

Associate and Evangelist for all things ICT, Mark Anderson, shares his tips and ideas for helping schools get their digital strategy spot on

Seven-minute read

KWL Grid Pt 2

Associate and author of Independent Thinking on Primary Teaching, Mark Creasy, with Part Two of his KWL approach to involving children in lesson planning.

Four-minute read

KWL Grid Pt 1

Associate and author of Independent Thinking on Primary Teaching, Mark Creasy, with Part One of an approach to improve learning and engagement by involving children in your lesson planning.

Four-minute read

C-Word Bingo

Associate and Restorative Practice guru Mark Finnis recently asked people on social media for education-related words beginning with C. This is the impressive list that came back.

Two-minute Read

Talking About War

A short selection of ideas and resources for teachers and parents to help with talking to children about war in Ukraine and, sadly, so many other parts of the world.

Three-minute read

The Enduring Myth of Equality of Opportunity

A blog to celebrate Careers Week from new Associate Andrew 'Bernie' Bernard for teachers and school leaders about careers planning and the myth of equality.

A four-minute read

Representation Matters II

Part two of an important blog by Associate Rhia Gibbs on on the importance of ensuring schools are genuinely representative and diverse to better reflect our multicultural society. 

A four-minute read

Representation Matters I

Part one of an important blog by one of our newest Associates Rhia Gibbs, founder of Black Teachers Connect, on the importance of genuine representation and diversity in our schools in the age of #BlackLivesMatter

A four-minute read

Ian Gilbert on the CPD Jukebox

How can I get my class to think for themselves? We asked Independent Thinking founder and award-winning writer Ian Gilbert what he thought and here are his three suggestions.

Adele Bates on the CPD Jukebox

A child just swore at me in front of the class - what should I do now? We asked Associate and behaviour expert and author Adele Bates and this is what she suggested for our CPD Jukebox.

Crista Hazell on the CPD Jukebox

How can I motivate a reluctant child to learn a language? We asked Associate, author and MFL specialist Crista Hazell and this is what she had to say.