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David Hodgson

Neurodiversity - Personality Profiling - Neuroscience of Learning

‘If we all knew this stuff, we could change the world!’

So said one head teacher after hearing David speak at a conference recently and, to be honest, after working with David for all these years, we would have to agree with him.

And when it comes to ‘stuff’, David definitely knows his.

A wonderfully entertaining and charismatic speaker, David cut his teeth working in careers in the North East of England and created a system that took the best of personality profiling and made it real and relevant for young people.

In recent years, and as his long-term relationship with Independent Thinking has developed, David has become increasingly sought-after for his work looking at the neuroscience of learning, memory and achievement, something he puts across in a way that is entertaining, accessible and meaningful. And this is the case whether he is working with teachers, students or a conference room full of school leaders.

Recent titles include:

  • Neurodiversity: What schools need to know and do
  • How neuroscience can help improve student performance, motivation (and happiness)
  • The Future of Work: How schools can best prepare children for the new world

David’s ability to take complicated and challenging insights into human nature and achievement and make these principles accessible and understandable is part of his personal effectiveness and popularity. That, and the fact that he also comes up with creative and straightforward strategies and approaches that allow all elements of the school community to use these new distinctions to good effect.

It this skill that has led to David being in demand not only in the world of education but also by big business, the NHS, the Institute of Careers Guidance and the Association of Graduate Careers Services, not to mention his work modelling top performing students at bootcamps held at the University of Warwick.

A prolific writer, David has many books under his belt starting with The Buzz which made personality profiling relevant and useful to young people in schools and with which he came to our attention. 

Since then he has written titles looking at the power of charisma in the classroom (and the problems caused by the lack of it), a book full of practical classroom ideas entitled The Little Book of Inspirational Teaching Activities and also collaborative works with fellow Associates David Keeling and Tim Benton.

This latter book is full of practical ideas to help students with their academic learning, motivation, self-awareness and self-esteem, exam preparation and revision and entitled, appropriately enough, The Brain Box.

For practical ideas for the classroom and the staffroom at any time of year, all drawn from a profound insight into human nature delivered in an entertaining and inspiring way, David Hodgson is the Associate to turn to.

This was absolutely perfect for us; the content resonated with everyone and has made us think about key themes we need to consider for developing learning and teaching into the future

I thoroughly enjoyed it and got a lot from it, both for understanding myself and others and developing relationships

Thank you so much for today’s training. It was fantastic - some of the best training I’ve had in ages!

Everyone who saw David enjoyed the sessions and it was a good talking point back in the office

A truly eye-opening session

It was a wonderful start to our new academic year, to help get the staff into the right frame of mind for the year ahead

You are engaging with good levels of humour and equally you get the message across well

The whole topic is not only engaging and of great interest, but useful if we are to ensure that we provide for the broadest church as possible

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