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Jackie Beere OBE

"When we see struggle as growth, we all become the fearless learners we need to be."

In education, it always seems to be a battle for public recognition, so when someone is awarded an OBE for her services to education, you know she has something special. Such is the case with long-time Associate Jackie Beere, someone who has served education so well at every level from teaching assistant to headteacher and beyond - and is still making a difference in so many ways today.

Our paths first crossed when Independent Thinker founder Ian Gilbert was working in schools across Northamptonshire soon after establishing the organisation. Jackie was a deputy at school in the area and later went on to be the headteacher. Ian was immediately taken by her approaches to child-centred learning that also applied the latest insights from neuroscience, emotional intelligence and a deep understanding of how we learn and thrive, both in the classroom and beyond.

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As a speaker Jackie has been a regular contributor at Independent Thinking conferences and events over the years and is still sought after by schools across the UK as her work has expanded. In recent years this has included grasping the concept of Carol Dweck’s pioneering ‘growth mindset’ work and helping schools identify and implement strategies to embed these practices to improve academic success and personal well-being and emotional health in all members of the school community.

VERY INFORMATIVE DAY - really enjoyed the course it helped us think outside our comfort zone

Your delivery of the course was exciting, stimulating and inspiring. It is clear you have a passion for teaching and learning - this shines through and has infected me!

Thank you so much for such an inspirational morning - I came back to school ‘buzzing’ with excitement (and a very full brain!)

I have not stopped telling my colleagues how inspired I was and would recommend anyone to come and listen to your wonderful ideas

Very upbeat. Useful for teachers and tips to take into the classroom, to help learners

Excellent, informative and highly relevant

Fantastic, I could listen to her all day

Excellent Strategies. Extremely inspiring and useful

It was just inspirational - and refreshing to think about something positive which can be strategically developed, instead of the crisis-management situation we have been in for so long

I have been interested in coaching for several years and this has reinvigorated that interest and desire to do something about it! Thank you so much

Presented well, engaging and so purposeful at this present time with really helpful advice

The course was fantastic. It is a fascinating subject and you made it even more engaging through your amazing delivery

Fantastic...It was a great mixture of informative and practical, with some excellent ideas that the teachers could straight back to their class

On top of her personal appearances in the UK and abroad, Jackie is also a prolific writer with her 2010 hugely popular title The Perfect Ofsted Lesson spawning a whole series of Perfect books covering so many aspects of school life and classroom practice.

She also produced a comprehensive pack of resources for students and teachers under the Learner’s Toolkit title at a time when schools were first coming to terms with the idea of actually teaching children how to learn, not just teaching them and hoping for the best.

Ever restless when it comes to sharing her hard-won wisdom and insights, her latest book Grow takes much of her understanding about human potential born out of her work in schools and makes it relevant and accessible for the wider market.

From school leadership to classroom practice and everything in between, Jackie is the perfect speaker to inspire, inform and challenge in equal measure.

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