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Andy Vass

Communication skills - Resourcefulness - Self-belief

When we suggest that leadership is about ‘people, change, bravery and people’, we are serious about the people bit.

And any leader’s ability to get people on board boils down to the power of that leader's ability to communicate. Which is where Andy Vass can help.

With over 40 years’ experience working in schools and with schools, in the UK and globally, as well as his work with other organisations and sectors, Andy has an enviable international reputation for helping people use their words to get the best out of other people.

Cutting his teeth as a teacher and school leader as well as building his reputation in the area of behaviour management, Andy has worked with thousands of educators across hundreds of schools helping them be better at the nitty gritty of school life – relationships, conversations and focusing not on problems but on solutions.

Recent titles include:

  • Building the Capacity to Lead
  • Positive Good Behaviour
  • Coaching Unplugged

An entertaining, engaging and knowledgeable speaker, Andy has the wisdom and experience to respond directly to the issues, queries and concerns of the particular audience in front of him and offer them practical advice and ideas relevant to their particular situation.

And he has the rare gift of being able to translate complex ideas and insights about the nature of achievement, human interactions and organisational change into clear down-to-earth language that is accessible and eminently practical.

Were you to put him on the spot and ask him what he believes in when it comes to bringing the best out of schools, Andy would have no trouble outlining it as follows:

  • Attitude and habit differentiate high performance more than skills or knowledge
  • People - and the way they relate to each other – matter most
  • Our own behaviour is the most significant factor in influencing the behaviour of others
  • Regular recognition and feedback is essential for growth
  • Successful and inspirational people really do have excellent communication skills

From coaching to well-being to difficult conversations to leading change to how to talk to (and how not to talk to) volatile adolescents, Andy is a warm, wise and entertaining speaker who can make a genuine and lasting difference to your school as he has to so many all over the world.

Amazing! Andy is a guru in the field of coaching. He always had helpful suggestions to any question and provided us with a huge amount of knowledge

I have just witnessed complete mastery of the coaching process over four days. Andy is awesome and inspiring and totally authentic

Andy’s presentation and style is inspirational – makes me want to put it all into practice right away

Superb presentation – totally relevant and tremendously thought provoking. Excellent group activities and feeling of

Andy Vass In His Own Words

"Our capacity to lead ourselves and others is enriched by narratives that nourish us"

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