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Nathan Arnold

Empowerment and Well-Being - Navigating Challenges - Being at Your Best

You wouldn't be alone in thinking that life in education has got that much harder in recent years. And that's the same whether you're a teacher, a school leader or a student in a classroom.

Fortunately, what schools and colleges are getting better at is knowing they need to support all members of the community to access the expertise and knowledge to help them be at their best a whole lot more of the time.

Which is where Nathan Arnold comes in.

It started with a decision Nathan made several years ago, when he was a professional footballer (with some notable highlights to his career). Despite his success, something didn’t feel right and he realised he needed to change how he was doing things for the sake of his emotional health and well-being.

Since then, Nathan's goal (pun intended) has been to help others be at their best without compromising their own well-being - whether that's the prisoners he has supported to get their lives on track, the businesses he is helping to balance health with profit or teachers, leaders and students across the country, sharing tools to help them focus on resilience, regulation and doing things right

From a working-class background, Nathan got his first big break though the kindness of strangers, as is so often the case. A football fanatic from a young age, it was the street that was his training ground. A local children’s football coach who had seen how often – and how well he played – as he drove past each evening stopped his car one day and invited Nathan to come to train with his team.

(In our work with young people it is important to remember that, sometimes, you only need an adult to give a child one break and then everything changes.)

Recent titles include:

  • Managing Staff Through Stressful Situations
  • Finding Peace In The Chaos!
  • Practical ways to pick yourself up and keep on keeping on

Nathan’s subsequent career saw him help take Grimsby Town back up to the Football League with a stoppage-time goal as well as scoring the goal for non-league Lincoln City that knocked Ipswich FC out of the FA Cup, setting up a famous cup run that only ended when they met Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium.

But something was not quite right. Following the death of his mother at a too-young age, Nathan started battling with his mental health and anxiety. He felt he needed to change course. Drawing on his coaching skills and his commitment to sport and fitness as well as his lived experience, he has now built up a national reputation for helping people from all walks of life be their best - but with their emotional health at the forefront.

This second career sees him supporting people from all walks of life as they learn to develop the tools they need to deal with adversity, overcome obstacles, break down fears, focus on the outcomes they want and build their self-confidence. He is also found working with teams to help them recognise – and then realise – their potential.

We are delighted to have Nathan as one of our newest Associates, bringing with him a unique perspective on emotional health and well-being (the mental and physical health of men and boys a speciality), personal achievement and resilience in the face of adversity.

A compelling speaker with an amazing story to tell (and some fairy-tale sporting moments to share), Nathan is proof that talent is only part of the picture when it comes to success and achievement. An important message in these pressured times.

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