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Independent Thinking on Being a SENDCO

Here is the foreword Ian Gilbert was asked to write for Ginny Bootman's inspiring and practical new book Independent Thinking on Being a SENDCO.

We're thinking of getting t-shirts made with it!


A voice.

An advocate.

A champion.

A mouthpiece.

A showcase.

A brainstorm.

A calm in the storm.

A break in the clouds.

A light in the dark.

A family counsellor.

A family mediator.

An interpreter.

A chaperone.

A coach.

A fan.

A referee.

A messenger. (Don’t shoot.)

A way through.

A way out.

A way in.

The one who listens.

The one who knows.

The one who cares.

A friend.

A critic.

A challenge.

A hard stare.

A look of love.

The educational professional who campaigns tirelessly on behalf of the children who need more support than most to navigate a system that, at times, seems purposefully set up to make them fail.

A rock.

A lighthouse.

A signpost.

A crossroads.

A bridge.

A map.

A guidebook.

An encyclopaedia.

A facilitator.

A fixer.

A breaker.

A ducker and diver.

A risk taker.

A forgiveness seeker, not a permission requester.

An iterator.

An inventor.

An innovator.

A renovator.

A restorer.

A curator.

A creator.

A pioneer.

A navigator.

A confronter.

A holder to account.

A holder of standards.

A holder of hands.

An ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try again’.

A ‘won’t take no for an answer’.

A ‘things can only get better’.

A smile maker.

A promise maker.

A tea maker. (Coffee also available.)

The one who knows where the biscuits are kept.

The one who always has tissues.

The one who knows where the loos are.

A transcriber.

A photocopier.

A filing cabinet.

A contacts list.

A secretary.

A calendar sorter.

A meeting organiser.

A room arranger.

An ambiance creator.

A switcher-off of the lights and a locker-up at the end.

A shot in the arm.

A shot in the dark.

A shot at life.

A starter.

A finisher.

An everything in-betweener.

A reassuring face in a crowded room.

A smile on a bad day.

A smile on a good day.

A hug when you win.

A bigger hug when you lose.

A keeper of promises.

A keeper of secrets.

A keeper of the flame.

That first hope.

Our last hope.

An expert.

An ally.

A connection.

A relationship.

A traveller on other people’s roads.

A wearer of other people’s shoes.



You can pre-order Independent Thinking on Being a SENDCO by Ginny Bootman with 25% off and free UK p+p using the code 'ITL25' at the Independent Thinking Press checkout - click here.

She is also a contributor for our best-selling book Square Pegs: Inclusivity, compassion and fitting in – a guide for schools. Buy it here with the same discount.

And follow Ginny on Twitter @sendcogirl

About the author

Ian Gilbert

Ian is an award-winning writer, editor, speaker, innovator and the founder of Independent Thinking. He has lived and worked in Europe, the Middle East, South America and Asia and has a privileged view of education and education systems globally.

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