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Independent Thinking on Being a SENDCO

Here is the foreword Ian Gilbert was asked to write for Ginny Bootman's inspiring and practical new book Independent Thinking on Being a SENDCO.


A voice.

An advocate.

A champion.

A mouthpiece.

A showcase.

A brainstorm.

A calm in the storm.

A break in the clouds.

A light in the dark.

A family counsellor.

A family mediator.

An interpreter.

A chaperone.

A coach.

A fan.

A referee.

A messenger. (Don’t shoot.)

A way through.

A way out.

A way in.

The one who listens.

The one who knows.

The one who cares.

A friend.

A critic.

A challenge.

A hard stare.

A look of love.

The educational professional who campaigns tirelessly on behalf of the children who need more support than most to navigate a system that, at times, seems purposefully set up to make them fail.

A rock.

A lighthouse.

A signpost.

A crossroads.

A bridge.

A map.

A guidebook.

An encyclopaedia.

A facilitator.

A fixer.

A breaker.

A ducker and diver.

A risk taker.

A forgiveness seeker, not a permission requester.

An iterator.

An inventor.

An innovator.

A renovator.

A restorer.

A curator.

A creator.

A pioneer.

A navigator.

A confronter.

A holder to account.

A holder of standards.

A holder of hands.

An ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try again’.

A ‘won’t take no for an answer’.

A ‘things can only get better’.

A smile maker.

A promise maker.

A tea maker. (Coffee also available.)

The one who knows where the biscuits are kept.

The one who always has tissues.

The one who knows where the loos are.

A transcriber.

A photocopier.

A filing cabinet.

A contacts list.

A secretary.

A calendar sorter.

A meeting organiser.

A room arranger.

An ambiance creator.

A switcher-off of the lights and a locker-up at the end.

A shot in the arm.

A shot in the dark.

A shot at life.

A starter.

A finisher.

An everything in-betweener.

A reassuring face in a crowded room.

A smile on a bad day.

A smile on a good day.

A hug when you win.

A bigger hug when you lose.

A keeper of promises.

A keeper of secrets.

A keeper of the flame.

That first hope.

Our last hope.

An expert.

An ally.

A connection.

A relationship.

A traveller on other people’s roads.

A wearer of other people’s shoes.




Independent Thinking on Being a SENDCO by Ginny Bootman is published by the Independent Thinking Press.

She is also a contributor for our best-selling book Square Pegs: Inclusivity, compassion and fitting in – a guide for schools.

And follow Ginny on Twitter @sendcogirl

To find out more about booking Ginny Bootman for your school, college or organisation call us on 01267 211432 or drop us an email on and we'll put you in touch.

About the author

Ian Gilbert

Ian Gilbert is an award-winning writer, editor, speaker, innovator and the founder of Independent Thinking. He has lived and worked in Europe, the Middle East, South America and Asia and is privileged to have such a global view of education and education systems.

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