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Independent Learning

KWL Grid Pt 2

Associate and author of Independent Thinking on Primary Teaching, Mark Creasy, with Part Two of his KWL approach to involving children in lesson planning.

Four-minute read

KWL Grid Pt 1

Associate and author of Independent Thinking on Primary Teaching, Mark Creasy, with Part One of an approach to improve learning and engagement by involving children in your lesson planning.

Four-minute read

Ian Gilbert on the CPD Jukebox

How can I get my class to think for themselves? We asked Independent Thinking founder and award-winning writer Ian Gilbert what he thought and here are his three suggestions.

Claire Gadsby on the CPD Jukebox

What simple change can I make to my teaching environment to improve learning? We asked Independent Thinking Associate and author Claire Gadsby and this is what she had to say

Mark Creasy on the CPD Jukebox

How can I make homework more worthwhile? We asked Associate Mark Creasy, author of Unhomework and Independent Thinking on Primary Teaching, for our CPD Jukebox

Thinking, Creativity and Paper Clips II

Ian Gilbert in the second part of a two-part webinar he recorded for us all about thinking, learning and creativity in our brave new world. And paper clips.

17-minute watch

8Way Thinking

What 8Way thinking is, where it came from and how it can be used to make even the most dismal-appearing of subject matters fascinating.

Five-minute read

Ian Gilbert Edumate Interview

An interview with Ian Gilbert and those nice people at Edumate with ideas for developing independent thinkers in all classrooms.

30-minute watch

Equity, Peace and Beauty

On the second of every month we publish our Second Thoughts newsletter. We normally focus on six themes. This month, it was just three. Big ones.

Ten-minute watch and read

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