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Behaviour, Motivation and Engagement

Belonging 2

Associate Nina Jackson with part two of her blog all about doing catch-up right by focusing on belonging, relationships and connection.

Five-Minute Read

Belonging 1

Associate Director Nina - Ninja - Jackson shares her tips for the right sort of catch-up with a focus on belonging, connection and well-being. Part One of a two-part blog.

Five-Minute Read

I'll Speak As

Travelling teacher and Independent Thinking Associate Hywel Roberts on the secret of moving from engagement to investment in teaching and learning

Four-Minute Read

KWL Grid Pt 2

Associate and author of Independent Thinking on Primary Teaching, Mark Creasy, with Part Two of his KWL approach to involving children in lesson planning.

Four-minute read

KWL Grid Pt 1

Associate and author of Independent Thinking on Primary Teaching, Mark Creasy, with Part One of an approach to improve learning and engagement by involving children in your lesson planning.

Four-minute read

C-Word Bingo

Associate and Restorative Practice guru Mark Finnis recently asked people on social media for education-related words beginning with C. This is the impressive list that came back.

Two-minute Read

The Enduring Myth of Equality of Opportunity

A blog to celebrate Careers Week from new Associate Andrew 'Bernie' Bernard for teachers and school leaders about careers planning and the myth of equality.

A four-minute read

Crista Hazell on the CPD Jukebox

How can I motivate a reluctant child to learn a language? We asked Associate, author and MFL specialist Crista Hazell and this is what she had to say.

Ian Gilbert on the CPD Jukebox

How can I get my class to think for themselves? We asked Independent Thinking founder and award-winning writer Ian Gilbert what he thought and here are his three suggestions.

Adele Bates on the CPD Jukebox

A child just swore at me in front of the class - what should I do now? We asked Associate and behaviour expert and author Adele Bates and this is what she suggested for our CPD Jukebox.

Dave Harris on the CPD Jukebox

I am a TA – how can I really help learning? We asked Independent Thinking Associate Director, international leadership guru and author Dave Harris and this is what he had to say.

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