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Swan Upping, Children Downing?

In the summer holidays, schools are brilliant places to work. Dave Whitaker talks about why he loves summer - but why not all his students feel the same way, and what swans have to do with it.

15 Seconds and Counting

Nina Jackson believes that the simple '15 Second Rule' is a great way to get back your 'life time'.

What Would Nature Do?

Professor Paul Clarke examines the need to rethink entirely the way we approach our education system, moving away from the broken mental model we use now.

But Everyone Else Is Doing It - Children, Cheating and the SATs

The SATS in England are descending into farce but there is also an altogether more disturbing side to them now that so much is at stake, not for the children perhaps, but for the teachers and school leaders. Written anonymously, for obvious reasons, by a concerned primary school teacher.

The Power Of With

Let Independent Thinking Associate and Restorative Practice expert Mark Finnis explain the wonderful power of 'with'.

It Was Him

Special school headteacher and Associate Dave Whitaker looks back at an event that shaped his career as a teacher.

10 Things I Love About Being Dyslexic

Written by Ian Gilbert’s 19 year-old ‘dyslexic’ daughter to help with the current debate about what it is, and whether it is at all.

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Great School Leaders

As in other professions, some leaders are born with that special thread of gold that runs through them. Associate Mark Anderson takes a look at what it is that truly great leaders have in common.

Let's Play Master and Servant - Character Education

Phil Beadle tells us what he really thinks about 'character education' and the problem of what it means for children today.

Whatever Happened to Joined-Up Thinking?

Our Associate David Cameron (AKA the Real David Cameron) questions where 'joined-up thinking' has gone, and why academisation and school improvement aren't doing the job we need them to.