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Stephanie Davies

"Help children be happy, resilient and motivated independent thinkers and all else will fall into place."

If you've followed Independent Thinking over the years and seen any of our Associates in action, you will know that we like to highlight the fact that education is too important to be taken seriously. And Associate Stephanie Davies is who we turn to when it comes to the hard evidence about why that rings so true.

As someone whose career has spanned being mentored as a stand-up comic by Liverpool comedian John Bishop and training at the prestigious Gesundheit! Institute founded by Patch Adams to a Masters in Laughter, Humour and Personal Growth and setting up her own highly-respected business training top businesses and corporations in the power of laughter, Stephanie knows her onions when it comes to making people cry with laughter.

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And she is very much at home bringing this understanding of the power of laughter - it's an academic field of study known as 'gelotology' from the Latin for laughter in case anyone asks you - into schools and classrooms across the UK in recent years.

In fact, so committed is Stephanie to helping schools understand how important laughter and happiness is to well-being, community cohesion and improving school results, she even inaugurated the first ever School Happiness Awards, celebrating teachers, teaching assistants, school leaders, support staff and school communities who put happiness at the heart of all they do.

Steph Davies- Laughology - is an excellent speaker-made you look on the bright side of life

Laughology was the best INSET we’ve ever had, really useful stuff for the classroom and for us teachers. Refreshing, fun and very funny, I wish all INSETs were as good

Great to see all teachers laughing together, relaxing and remembering that school can be a fun place. The effects were long lasting

Stephanie Davies presented at our CAPSA conference on Friday and was absolutely brilliant. The delegates had an amazing day and certainly went away smiling

Thank you so much for you entertaining, professional, informative, reflective input. So many people expressed their appreciation afterwards.

It really was wonderful to have an entertaining, female, professional speaker.

You certainly rounded the conference off with a lovely mixture of knowledge, fun and laughter and I know our headteachers really appreciated it

You'll be pleased to know that the overwhelming response from colleagues was that you were the best ever guest speaker

Many thanks for making us laugh and encouraging us to reflect on what is really important

This serious study of the power of laughter to transform our daily lives, our working environments, our relationships and ourselves, is something that Stephanie has made her life's work.

Stephanie has written about her work in her first book entitled Laughology and this is also the name of the business she founded which includes hugely popular – and equally funny - Independent Thinking David Keeling as one of its core trainers, working in many areas of the business world.

Through her highly entertaining and practical workshops and conference addresses she is able to share her wisdom, research and experience to highlight the many ways we can all benefit from letting our hair down at work, benefits that include:

  • Reducing stress
  • Enhancing general health and well-being
  • Improving performance, communication and presentation skills
  • Boosting creativity and productivity
  • Encouraging learning
  • Improving memory
  • Managing pain
  • Encouraging positive thinking
  • Building self-esteem and confidence
  • and strengthening and improving relationships at work and at home

So, for a refreshing take on the serious matter of humour at school, tap into Stephanie’s wonderful world of laughter.

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