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Thunks on Schools and Schooling

For our 30th birthday Big Day Out we thought we would get delegates thinking with some questions about what it's all about

What do you think...?

  1. Can schools change society?
  2. Can you have power without agency?
  3. Is all leadership an act of service?
  4. Can you ever not learn anything?
  5. Is social mobility more important than social cohesion?
  6. Are some children simply not suited to school?
  7. Is all behaviour communication?
  8. Is kindness easy?
  9. Are schools democracies?
  10. Does love play a part in schooling?
  11. Do we need schools?
  12. Is everyone clever at something?
  13. Can anyone say how good a school really is?
  14. Does ‘what works’ always work?
  15. Is well-being more important than grades?
  16. Should all children be allowed on school trips?
  17. Can children think for themselves?
  18. Do actions speak louder than mission statements 
  19. Can the best schools get the worst results?
  20. Can you have a rapport without a relationship?
  21. Is knowledge power?
  22. Is school refusal more of a message than an act?
  23. Have we agreed on the purpose of education?
  24. Do your exam results make you who you are?
  25. Can schools be truly creative?
  26. Do the best-behaved children make the best-behaved adults?
  27. Is the threat more important than the punishment?
  28. Is it true that doing well at school means you’ll get a good job?
  29. Is there always another way?
  30. And finally, can things only get better…?

About the author

Ian Gilbert

Ian Gilbert is an award-winning writer, editor, speaker, innovator and the founder of Independent Thinking. He has lived and worked in Europe, the Middle East, South America and Asia and is privileged to have such a global view of education and education systems.

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