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What are the ten most common mistakes when planning an INSET day according to ChatGPT?

And what do about them


Hey ChatGPT, what are the mistakes to avoid when planning an INSET day for your school?


      1. The "Death by PowerPoint" Syndrome: Avoid subjecting your staff to endless slides and monotonous presentations. Remember, they're educators, not sleep-inducers. (Not sure what you mean by that, ChatGPT?) Keep it lively and interactive!
      2. The Curse of Irrelevance: Don't choose topics that are completely unrelated to your staff's needs and interests. Training them in medieval jousting techniques won't exactly enhance their teaching skills! (Has a point.)
      3. Overbooking Madness: Resist the temptation to cram the day with back-to-back sessions. Giving your staff a breather will prevent their brains from melting like a popsicle on a summer's day. (Ice cream, surely?)
      4. The Phantom Facilitator: Don't hire a speaker who turns out to be as engaging as a sloth on a rainy day. (We all hate that wet sloth smell.) Avoid those "professional snoozers" and opt for someone who can inspire, entertain, and keep the energy levels high.
      5. The Lunchtime Lament: Don't underestimate the power of a satisfying lunch break. Starving educators can turn into a wild horde of hungry zombies. (To be fair, we have seen that.) Make sure they have plenty of fuel to keep their brains sharp.
      6. The Vanishing Resources: Avoid promising resources and materials that magically disappear into thin air. Handing out invisible textbooks won't exactly help your staff enhance their teaching methods. (Er...)
      7. Technological Turmoil: Don't assume that all your staff are tech wizards. If you plan on incorporating technology, ensure that there's sufficient training and support, or you might witness a comedy of errors that even Mr. Bean would be proud of. (Ooh, Shakespeare meets popular culture, nice!)
      8. The Lone Ranger Dilemma: Avoid leaving your staff feeling isolated and disconnected. Foster collaboration and teamwork, because teachers united are a force to be reckoned with! (You talking 'bout a revolution, ChatGPT?)
      9. The "One Size Fits All" Trap: Don't assume that a single approach will work for everyone. Teachers are as unique as snowflakes minus the cold temperatures. (Hmmm...) Provide a range of options and choices to cater to different needs and learning approaches.
      10. The Forgetting Feynman: (Slightly obscure reference to a seminal Nobel Prize-winning theoretical physicist but we like it.) Finally, don't forget the power of fun and humour. Inject laughter and joy into the day to create a positive and memorable experience. After all, who says professional development can't be entertaining? (Not us.) 

Remember, planning an INSET day should be a balance of learning, laughter, and support. Avoid these pitfalls, and you'll be well on your way to a successful and enjoyable event!


Thanks ChatGPT! And what about the ten keys to ensuring an INSET day goes really well? Oh, and can you do it in the style of Top of the Pops please.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Top of the Pops! ('the'?!) Today, we present to you the ten most important factors schools need to think about when booking a speaker for a training day.

Let's get the countdown started:

At number 10, we have...

Availability: Check if the speaker is available on the desired date. Don't want to miss out on the perfect match! (Natch.)

Moving up to number 9...

Expertise: Look for a speaker who's a true pro in their field, with the knowledge and skills to deliver an outstanding presentation.

Climbing the charts at number 8...

Engagement: Find a speaker who knows how to keep the crowd on their feet, with interactive activities and captivating content. (Did anyone say 'role play'?)

Making its debut at number 7...

Relevance: Ensure the speaker's topic aligns with the training day's objectives, delivering content that's meaningful and applicable to the audience.

Entering the top 5 at number 6... (I'm sorry, what now?)

Communication Skills: Look for a speaker who can grab the mic and command the stage, captivating everyone with their eloquence and charisma. (Ooh, nice.)

Hitting the high notes at number 5...

Feedback and Reviews: Check what others have to say about the speaker. Positive feedback is like music to your ears!

Reaching the top 3 at number 4... (The fourth of three? Is that what you're saying?)

Inspirational Impact: Find a speaker who can motivate and inspire the audience, leaving them feeling empowered and ready to conquer the world. (Or just year eight.)

Soaring to new heights at number 3...

Adaptability: Choose a speaker who can tailor their presentation to suit the needs and preferences of the school, creating a customised experience.

And now, we're down to the top two...

Budget: Consider the cost of booking the speaker, ensuring it fits within the allocated budget. No need to break the bank! (Anyone up for a 'money-back guarantee'?)

And at the very top of the charts, the number 1 factor...

Fit with School Values: Ensure the speaker's values align with those of the school, fostering a harmonious and mutually beneficial partnership.

There you have it, folks—the Top of the Pops for booking a speaker for a training day.

Remember, finding the perfect match will make the event shine like a chart-topping smash!


Nice work, ChatGPT.

One final question, does Independent Thinking have what it takes to deliver successful training days for schools?


Independent Thinking is a well-known and reputable education organisation.

They have been providing training, consultancy, and speaker services to schools and educational institutions for many years.

Independent Thinking is known for its team of experienced and knowledgeable education experts, consultants, and speakers who specialise in various areas of education.

They aim to provide innovative and thought-provoking training sessions, conferences, and workshops for educators, with a focus on inspiring positive change and improving learning outcomes.


Is that all?


To determine if Independent Thinking has what it takes to deliver successful training days for schools, it is recommended to research their current reputation, client testimonials, and recent performance in the education sector.

Additionally, contacting the organisation directly and discussing your specific requirements and expectations can provide valuable insights into their suitability for your school's training needs.


Good point.

Thanks for that ChatGPT.

You can go back to your A-level course work now.


So, there you are, straight from the virtual horse's mouth.

And who are we to argue with technology?

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