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But Everyone Else Is Doing It - Children, Cheating and the SATs

The SATS in England are descending into farce but there is also an altogether more disturbing side to them. Written anonymously, for obvious reasons, by a concerned primary school teacher this blog looks at cheating in and by schools.

FIve-minute read

That B-Boy Strategy In Full

"I would prefer BY FAR my children be happy, learn real skills and get Cs than be stressed, spoon-fed and get As. That’s not ‘coasting’." A short extract from Ian Gilbert's book Why Do I Need a Teacher When I've Got Google.

Two-minute read

Are Your Lessons Rigorous?

Here are seven great questions from educational rigour ‘guru’ Tony Wagner to check whether your lessons are rigorous or not. And by rigorous he doesn't mean simply effective at ‘prepping for the exam’.

One-minute read

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