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10 Things I Love About Being Dyslexic

Written by the daughter of Ian Gilbert as a teenager, this is an alternative but heartfelt perspective on dyslexia.

1. As a mature dyslexic, you’ve learnt that asking for help isn’t a bad thing.

2. Dyslexia pushes you to find other ways of expressing the talents you do have.

3. People are more forgiving if you spell something, reasonably simple, wrong.

4. You learn the true value of “Personal Best”.

5. You learn your weaknesses.

6. You become far more eager to push yourself, because it doesn’t come easy.

7. Your schoolwork is always more colorful.

8. You’ll find that you think very differently in comparison to the people around you. This is a good thing.

9. You learn the lesson that desiring to try and be better than other people is a waste of time.

10. Once you’ve learnt that not being able to read doesn’t mean you’re stupid, you’re pretty much indestructible.

Footnote — Since writing these words Olivia passed her IB diploma, studied for a time at the Royal Welsh Academic of Music and Dramatic Arts and is happily married in Australia where she runs the marketing office for a resort in Fiji. As you do. [ITL]

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