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Ian Gilbert, Founder

"The overriding purpose of education must be to throw children out of the cave we can never escape from. No, you work it out."

Since founding Independent Thinking in 1994, Ian has built a global reputation as an educational thinker, innovator, entrepreneur, speaker and award-winning editor and writer. He was listed by the IB magazine as one of their top 15 ‘educational visionaries’. 

Never happier than when he is making children’s brains hurt, he has a unique first-hand perspective on the world of education having lived and worked in schools and universities in the UK, the Middle East, South America and Asia.

He is now sharing his time between Rotterdam, where his wife is an international school principal, and their home in the middle of nowhere deep in West Wales.

He wasn’t always interested in exotic foreign travel and meeting interesting people from different countries, as he started off his educational career teaching French in Northampton. He didn't really want to be a French teacher and, while you would think not wanting to teach French to people who didn't want to learn it might be a match made in heaven, it was only ever really a stepping stone. His main ambition was to work with young people in the areas that most fascinated him then and in which he has become such an important figure today – thinking, learning, motivation, creativity and helping all members of the school community be the best they can be.

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Through his many books including the ever-popular Thunks collection, his ongoing classroom work with children and young people, his keynotes and workshops at conferences around the world and his continuous work with teachers and leaders in schools, Ian has shown a whole generation of educators that there is always another way. 

Following a chance meeting in the staff room, Ian was encouraged to set up Independent Thinking in 1994 and, since then, has built up a unique educational organisation that acts as a platform for some of the UK’s leading innovative educators and school leaders as well as serving as a ‘lighthouse’ for so many practitioners who might otherwise fall prey to the idea that silence is respect, obedience is behaviour, grades measure education and teaching and learning are the same thing.

Brilliant and thought-provoking as always

I would just like to say that Ian’s sessions went down an absolute storm. Staff are talking about him in the corridors!

The last time you came to see us had a significant effect on the teaching staff, and our teachers really enjoyed and took on board what you had to say

Ian was exceptional and inspired all

Thank you so much for today, it has definitely sparked a lot of discussion and new ways of working. I am really excited about everything you and your company do.

We’ve had such positive feedback from the staff today so thank you - you’ve given everyone lots to think about

I saw Ian speak at Heads round table and had a good chat to him afterwards. Truly inspirational for a Blackpool secondary head! I went straight to buy his book too.

Your presentations worked really well with the toolkit and workshops I researched and designed. I didn’t need to worry. The feedback from staff including teachers, LSAs and the support team has been very positive and we are already seeing shifts in the classrooms !

Great presentation, thank you. Really thought provoking and will help frame some big discussions back at school about reshaping the focus of our curriculum goals.

Your thoughts hit all the right notes and I know from my many conversations with colleagues they are what we all believe in

It was good to be challenged about what we need to do as we out of the pandemic

What a wonderful hour, challenging our thinking this morning with Ian Gilbert. In the words of one attendee... "It doesn't get much better than that!"

Ian, thank you, truly. You raised the energy in the room more than any other speaker so far

We loved it! Loved it, loved it, loved it!
We'll be buzzing off it until the next one.
You will come again, won't you??

Big ideas and challenging thinking. I enjoyed the engagement, games and questioning

Thank you again for your time yesterday, I found it insightful and can’t wait to utilise “Thunks” and the starters in my own lessons

I wanted to say a huge thank you to you for organising today’s PD session with Ian Gilbert. I got so much out of the session. I really loved having something that I could directly apply to my teaching and I feel so inspired now

Thank you for providing such invigorating PD that relates directly to growth in teaching & learning practices... Ian is very captivating

Thank you! Loved it!!! I'm inspired!!! Had four lessons today and already added changes to my lessons. We need more of this

Ian was so motivating. He has given me loads of ideas and also a great deal to think about

I just wanted to thank you for your incredible presentation. I’m impatient for change

What’s more, he is increasingly helping educators across the globe understand the challenges and opportunities thrown up in the 21st century as we look at the future of education (rosy but different) and the future of schools (not at all rosy unless they become different). His book, Why Do I Need a Teacher When I’ve Got Google?, sums up the challenge nicely and was ahead of its time when it was first published in 2010.

In a nutshell, unless you are adding value to my learning with your teaching, then I'll stay at home with my laptop until you do.

Now, let's unpick the many, many ways great teachers add that value...

Ian is inordinately proud of what Independent Thinking has becomes over the last 25 years and incredibly humbled to be in such great company. Still leading from the front, he sets the bar when it comes to speaking to teachers, children and school leaders about his vision for education and unless someone is complaining their brain hurts, he knows he hasn't got the message across yet.

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