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David Cameron

"The line between the real, the possible and the impossible is so fine it’s not worth worrying about."

David Cameron is a highly experienced educator and a fantastic speaker, known to all as the ‘Real David Cameron’ to differentiate him from some guy who used to be in the news. He combines an overview of education, from policy making at national level to knowing what makes children tick in a real classroom and everything in between, with the ability to call a spade a spade.

And he uses this unique perspective to help educators across the UK understand the power they have to cut through the policies and practices that get in the way of simply doing the best possible job they can in a way that makes sense for everyone.

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A highly entertaining, engaging and thought-provoking speaker comfortable working at all stages, and in any sector, David has worked across the UK and internationally with teachers, school leaders and governors. He has the knack of showing up the guff thrown at schools on a seemingly daily basis for what it is, combined with the ability to suggest eminently common sense and practical solutions that inspire all audience members to reevaluate their day-to-day work. With his help, teachers and leaders can then get on with the serious job of educating young people properly.

David was instrumental in bringing so many Independent Thinking Associates to Edinburgh earlier this year for the highly acclaimed Portobello Learning Festival. This was an inaugural event which was successful in opening so many teachers’ eyes to the concept of trauma-informed teaching and learning and how to set about bringing  the best out of children unfortunate enough to fall under the ACEs – Adverse Childhood Experiences - umbrella.

Inspiring, amazing, funny, breath of fresh air!

Superb, real, funny, dynamic, thought-provoking. Reassuring that your messages are my thoughts entirely. On fire!! You rock!!

David was excellent - informative and entertaining

David Cameron was fantastic. Really entertaining and engaging and a lot of good ideas. One of the best speakers I have seen.

I attended your workshop yesterday, creativity in the classroom. I really enjoyed the session, it was engaging, informative and fun

Superb presentation – great ideas for approaches to school improvement and what really matters

Brilliant, funny, thought provoking – so helpful at this stage of my headship in terms of getting to what really matters

Inspirational, real, passionate and it will make a difference

Excellent – one of the best speakers I have ever heard – wish we had had more time with him

I have been inundated with emails and texts from staff who were so inspired by your presentation

Thoroughly enjoyable and engaging, with lots of thought provoking content that was delivered in a way that resonated key messages.

David was absolutely fantastic to work with – took what we gave him in very limited preparation notes and turned it into a wonderfully engaging, funny, informative and relevant provocation and wider event

Perpetually active in so many influential spheres of education, David has been chair of the York Education Partnership, was a leading player in Scotland’s regular Festival of Dangerous Ideas,  and also helped draft Creative Scotland’s recent manifesto on learning and creativity.

On top of this, he led on Scotland’s Outdoors Education strategy, was involved in the devolved management of schools initiative and was a central player in Scotland’s challenging Curriculum for Excellence project.

What’s more, he also found time to establish Edinburgh’s hugely popular Creative Conversations programme bringing together artists, campaigners and innovators – including many Independent Thinking Associates - with educators from across the city and beyond.

At the heart of all of David’s work is his passion to use education to put right the many wrongs done to so many children and young people living in adverse circumstances and facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Obstacles clearly not of their making. He knows, as well as anyone in education today, that there is always another other way.

If you are looking for a speaker with the ideal combination of wisdom, humour, common sense, a passion for Prince and a rabid intolerance of institutionalised rubbish, then you need look no further than our Real David Cameron.


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