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Six Voices

School is more than results.

Education is more than school. 

And there are voices everywhere that have something to say.

Underpinning our work at Independent Thinking is our commitment to helping schools never lose sight of the bigger picture of what a genuine education is all about whilst at the same time giving a voice to those with something to say but who lack the platform to say it.

This is where our Six Voices approach comes in, each one interacting with the other five.


Everyone counts. Everyone has something to say. Everyone has something to offer. A truly inclusive education is one from which everyone benefits. Leave division to the politicians.


A life without the arts is no life. And an education without the arts is no education. Not only do we resist the narrowing of the curriculum, we know that a focus on creativity, in all its guises, brings benefits across the curriculum and beyond. 


Education is a political act. Genuine education genuinely addresses issues of agency, citizenship, democracy, decision making, authority, community, critical thinking, advocacy, speaking up and speaking out. It is, therefore, inherently political. Embrace it. 


What's the point of academic success if it comes without emotional health? Or worse, at the expense of our well-being? There is so much we can all do to help young people develop into happy and healthy adults. 


Things are pretty bad. We've messed up and our children will pay the cost. Let's take our heads out of the sand to equip them with the new thinking and skills they need to survive in a hotter, damper, more extreme, more complex and more volatile world. It's the least we can do.


From the neuroscience of learning to the latest in learning technologies, from state-of-the-art learning environments to the most hostile and barren learning environments imaginable, education touches everyone on the planet in a way schools can't. Let's look beyond the school walls.

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