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“Yo! Good afternoon, folks, Jim Robinson here! Today we're doing the Jukebox special, and my question was how do you stay positive in the face of all the challenges and all the adversity?

And to me folks, being a schoolteacher, being a parent, being a role model - I’m thriving in this time! It's because it's time to get up every day, have a smile.


There's some student that I’m working with and they're just looking at me and seeing how I look at this adversity, how I look at the challenge. I want to be a role model for it and I want to be that superhero that unleashes his power in these times.

My work is my power, and it is my work that brings me through these kind of times. I love being a schoolteacher, I absolutely love working in school.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

I guess when I think about the things that I’m doing right now and what are the different things that I'm doing to keep me happy and keep my students happy is remembering number one to always be happy, it could even be worse.

To use school as an example, which is what I do every day, because compared to other times in history this is not all that bad.

We will get through this time and that is very important that when we are going through this time, that we stay positive. See, I was always taught that to be positive and to feel positive will always be enough to carry you through when times get hard.


To me being able to work in a school and to remain positive, as well as to work at school to help other young people to achieve things in the future – everyday, I wake up and I just think there's just so much positivity going on because of my job, because of working in school and because of education.

Strength From Adversity

I'm having an absolute blast, I know there's some down times but, I’m learning so much - learning so much about my students, learning about myself and the thing that keeps it positive and the thing that keeps me working through the adversity is that I was always taught you get stronger from going through adversities.

So, we all as a race and as a human race are going to be stronger.

Woke Up One Morning…

We're all going to see things a little differently in a couple of months’ time, but I want you to know, folks, that I’ve been positive through the whole stretch - I wake up singing every morning and go to bed singing every night. I come to school with a smile on my face because it's not about me, it's about my lovely students and what they see in me.

I want them to see in me that these are just times we're going through, these are positive times, and we will get there in good fashion. To me, the key is staying positive, fighting through the adversity with positivity.

Y’all thank you so much and enjoy yourselves and, remember to bring a little positivity to the table!

Thank you.”

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