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A Message From the Frontline

A message of support from our Associate Hywel Roberts who has spent the last few weeks working with schools and 'rallying the troops' in his own inspirational style, all across the country.

This week, I've been had the privilege to work in four primary schools in five days.

Here are some things I've found out:

Everyone is working really hard for the good of the children and their families.

There is a palpable sense of fatigue with people and organisations who don't seem to understand how schools work.

The inspectorate seem to believe the pandemic never happened.

Children are happy when their teachers are pleased to see them and the classroom routines are in place.

Teachers LOVE being given time to sit and reflect on what is going on in their curriculum.

There is no time, only the energy to create space to do the above.

We are all interested in the pursuit of knowledge and want the children to learn by doing as well as listening.

Colleagues thrive when they feel others have their back.

Children are a right laugh.

What have you found out?

About the author

Hywel Roberts

Hywel Roberts

Hywel is in demand for his work in schools that is not only entertaining but firmly rooted in his ongoing experience as a 'travelling teacher' in some of our most challenging communities. He is the author Oops! and Uncharted Territories with Dr Debra Kidd.

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