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The Daily Walk Photo Challenge

Each day our favourite 'Granny with a Camera' Jane Hewitt uses social media to encourage people to take part in a photo challenge as they enjoy their daily walk. Here are some suggestions as to what the challenge can be for you to try with your own children and families.

March 23rd 2020. Suddenly one walk a day for the foreseeable future meant changes and challenges for everyone.

I never go for a walk without some form of photography device – camera, phone, different lenses, but with the idea of only one hour a day and a similar walk each day, I needed to challenge myself. I’ve been doing photo challenges for years - 365 projects, classroom challenges, one for my book - so it occurred to me that the one way I could help (even if it’s just a couple of people) was to share daily photo challenges.

In other words, while you are out walking you look for and photograph certain things from dandelions to things that make you smile to things with legs to rain(and scroll down for the list so far).

The important thing to remember is that these challenges carry no stress at all - you can’t get them wrong, no one will judge, it’s just your interpretation.

Some days are more challenging than others, some are humorous, some require lateral thinking, but they can all be done on your daily walk (you can even use it as a reason to look through your photo archives – as I said – no rules, no stress).

The result is a group of people who share photos, some who follow but don’t post, and some who dip in and out. Some people have also sent me ideas for the following day’s challenge.

The challenges are open to all – I post on twitter as @janeh271 and you are welcome to join in or use the prompts below:

Here is my list. 

  • Spiders
  • Rainbow
  • A reflection in sunglasses
  • Colours – chose one Green/yellow/blue etc
  • Circles
  • Lines
  • April flowers
  • Dandelions
  • Sequences
  • A photo that sums up how you are feeling
  • Many
  • A collage of 9 photos from your walk
  • Things with legs
  • Multi coloured
  • A summary of your day
  • What made you smile today
  • Moss and lichen
  • My covid-19 photo diary
  • Things that suddenly appear
  • What has changed in your local area
  • Look down
  • Shadows
  • Hearts
  • A-Z challenge
  • Things that dogs think are food but aren’t
  • Stillness and quiet
  • In or on reflection
  • Life goes on (normality)
  • My morning brew
  • Textures/rust/peeling paint (unintentional art)
  • It’s a sign
  • Rain
  • Tiny details/it’s all in the detail

What have I missed? [ITL]

About the author

Jane Hewitt

Jane Hewitt

Jane is an experienced teacher who is also a self-taught photographer and our resident 'Grannny with a Camera'. Her book, Learning Through a Lens, is introduced by Mick Waters and encourages schools to use photography as a way of teaching children to look closely at the world around them.

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