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For What We Are About To Receive...

During a team Zoom meeting with our Associates, we were discussing how to deal with stress and anxiety at a time such as this. Coach, self-professed Stoic and long-time Associate Andy Vass paraphrased the following useful insight he had picked up from American author James Clear.

  • Anticipation is when you’re excited about what the future has in store for you but it is not something you attempt to control. It will come and you'll be there. 
  • Expectation is something that builds when you try to predict the future and then base your happiness on that future outcome. That way apprehension and potential disappointment lies.

And, in James Clear's own words, 'Always be excited about the possibilities. Never be entitled to them'.

In these stressful times, controlling our thoughts is one of the few constants we have. There is a line before us at all times - on one side are the things we can control; on the other the things we can't. 

Knowing where your line is and what lies either side is an important distinction when it comes to handling stress as we go through this crisis. [ITL]

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