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The Five Saids – a Lesson in Critical Thinking

It's a world of fake news, deep fake technology and well, politicians from over there. So, here's is our quick and easy student guide to critical thinking.


Said what? What exactly was said? Not a paraphrase or a headline or a meme.

Said who? Who specifically said it? Not who reported it or who you heard it from.

Said when? When precisely was it said? Not a rehash of something from the past made to seem like new news.

Said where? What platform was used originally? Not just where you came across your version of it

Said why? What was the motivation behind what was said? Everyone has an agenda.

About the author

Ian Gilbert

Ian Gilbert

Ian is an award-winning writer, editor, speaker, innovator and the founder of Independent Thinking. He has lived and worked in Europe, the Middle East, South America and Asia and has a privileged view of education and education systems globally.

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