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Equity, Peace and Beauty - That About Covers It

On the second of every month we publish our Second Thoughts newsletter. We normally focus on six themes.

This month, it was just three. Big ones.



There is no level playing field, in the US or the UK or elsewhere.

The odds are stacked from the start.

Social mobility means we celebrate the few so we can blame the many.

Cultural capital means I count and you don't.

And, as we learned this week, 'The opposite of shame is belonging'.

Share this 2017 video with your students. Where would they be in the starting line? Where would you be?

Now what ?


Peace demands that we look at ourselves and each other in new ways.

Conflict is an easy way out. A show of power is often a sign of weakness.

A restorative approach to behaviour and relationships in schools lasts a lifetime. Punishments and exclusions last longer.

This document describes what a restorative approach to going back to school looks like.

The video below, what a restorative, inner-city, 'connect before content' school can do.


'Stormy are the waters' indeed.

We will get through this together. Beauty will see us through.

Why are we in education? Because teachers 'touch the future'.

That the future is fairer and calmer, well, we can all play our part.

About the author

Ian Gilbert

Ian Gilbert

Ian is an award-winning writer, editor, speaker, innovator and the founder of Independent Thinking. He has lived and worked in Europe, the Middle East, South America and Asia and has a privileged view of education and education systems globally.

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