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Life Begins Where Your Comfort Zone Ends

During this pandemic we are all outside our comfort zones in one way or another. Uncertainty seems to be everywhere and, whether we are feeling the impact financially, socially or medically, our personal resilience is being tested.

Understandably, there are many people in a state of blind panic but it doesn’t have to be this way. By changing and reframing our thinking, we can look after ourselves much better and be better prepared to deal with the threats as well as the opportunities as they arise.

For example, some have lost their businesses and financial security but feel glad to be fit and healthy. Some are welcoming the social isolation as it gives them the time to slow down, reflect and focus on the now. Some are enjoying the renewed focus on family connections, even if this is via family WhatsApp groups or Zoom gatherings.

It has never been so clear to see the way different people experience the same events in different ways, ways that are not simply dependent on the impact the event has had on them, but on how they see it.

What follows are some top tips for your own healthy thinking at this time, when we’re living at the very edge of our comfort zones:

  • How you think about the situation dictates how you will feel about it.
  • No matter how dangerous life seems, you are probably going to come through this.
  • The world is still turning, the birds are still singing and the sun is still rising each morning - and in a sky that is becoming increasingly clear of pollution.
  • Your neighbours are smiling, dancing and clapping for carers and those in the NHS.
  • There is a levelling in how this virus attacks the rich and poor, the powerful and powerless - but thankfully it is generally kind to children.
  • Many are using new technology and communicating with people they didn’t have time for before this happened.
  • Being grateful creates the ultimate resilience. Do a mini-gratitude meditation every day if you can. Find a way to be kind and generous and do your best to have kind and generous thoughts.
  • Remember to bear in mind that the vast majority of people around you are good and well-intentioned. Realise that the few that aren’t are lost and unhappy. Try to forgive them because they are doing their best with the thinking they have.
  • Read, sing, dance and laugh as much as possible – it stops negative, catastrophic thinking which is both is indulgent and non-productive.
  • Catch yourself before you start to believe the stories you are making up that end in complete disaster. It might happen - but it probably won’t. Make the best of this time.
  • Whatever happens, you have the innate resilience to survive and – if you get the thinking right – thrive.

Life and learning really do begin where your comfort zone ends.[ITL]

For more writing by Jackie, check out her Independent Thinking Press page here.

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