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A New Beginning

Education uproots ignorance in people’s minds in order for knowledge to germinate. Knowledge is a powerful weapon someone needs to be armed with to face the reality and adversity of the world. When activated, knowledge will serve the bearer to think to seek to not sink.”

Nancy N., The role of parents in the increasing number of street children in Kampala District, a case study of Kampala Central Division, unpublished degree dissertation, Kampala University, 2018, p. 40.

Rescued from nightmare in the wilderness, I was now safe and secure in a university campus where I could dream again. And, believe it or not, we did it!

Now a graduate in Social Work and Social Administration, I performed to the best of my ability and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree, Second Class Upper, with an average grade of 4.13 out 5. Now is the time to explore the opportunities that the world of employment has to offer. Or to dig down into the world of opportunities to find valuable things that can be profitable to society and to myself.

Securing a job is an option but an internship to gain professional experience or volunteering are other options. Creating my own work is also a possibility now. After all, finishing undergraduate studies isn’t the end but the commencement of new things. I still have the passion to study and hope to apply for a Master’s degree when possible. Ambition, courage and determination are still my steering wheel and compass for success. Being a sharp learner and now possessing qualifications required for Master’s degree studies, any field opened to a Social Sciences degree holder will not intimidate me. Development Studies can be one ideal course for me to think about but let’s leave the time for opportunities to grow so that I can choose wisely and avoid avoidable obstacles when the lights turn green for my Master’s studies.

A Bachelor’s Degree is a passport to a professional world too and so many of the barriers to different careers are now removed. I can now walk confidently towards the future with optimism, hoping to shape my own destiny. Dreams, goals, plans, mission and vision are now invading my thoughts. So many memory, feelings and activities. Financial security is the priority of priorities for me as I yearn to give back to the society and eradicate poverty in my family through hard work, commitment, integrity and most importantly trust in God. I have three siblings that I love so much and wonderful parents that I care about. I desire to be of use and benefit in their lives and to be an instrument of hope to the community as well. I would also want to make a difference in whatever community I live in, to the best of my ability.

Writing is my other passion. I have written novels, plays, poems and songs and I like to sing songs that mostly tell my stories. In this way, I seek to encourage anyone who has had enough, who is despairing and who has gone through so many trying times, just like me, but who still has the opportunity to be rescued too by the kind people who are out there.

Wonderful people have been a blessing to my family and me. I would also like to be a blessing, in turn, to other people and feel the pleasure of giving, through education for example. Sowing knowledge in someone’s life is a historic achievement.

After all, education unlocks people’s future.

Thank you so much dear Debbie, Simon, Ian and the teams at WWEP, Independent Thinking and Big i Foundation for awakening my dreams by giving me an opportunity to study, graduate and now, hoping for sure, to have a great career. Without your support, I would still be trapped in nightmare and destroyed by despair. Always and together, we are a winning team. My family and I will forever be grateful to you.

Mother Teresa said, “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”

At the opportune time, I too will drop a drop in the ocean too.

God bless you. [ITL]


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