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Nancy Update

Goodbye Nightmare

What do you think when you look at this photo of me? Of course, you will say she is that young lady rescued from nightmare, now a student… But what you don’t see is also greater than what you can think: A dream comes true. Now I am in a new world, with real people and with good purpose. Goodbye nightmare!

Positive Thinkers

Five years back, it was almost impossible for me to dream that I could attend university one day. After I finished my High School with very good grade, opportunities arose from 2011 for me to go to Campus but bloody-minded people did all in their power to prevent it from happening.  I was stuck in a situation, I wish you to never get there in life, where dream killers, ambition stranglers and prophets of doom, in short, heartless people were everywhere on my paths.

Two years now, fortunately, thanks to dedicated women and men of love, care, compassion and vision I have met on my path, positive thinkers, active doers, I am now in second year at a University in Uganda and, I can dream again for a bright future, full of hope and expectations.

From Camp to Campus

Leaving the Refugee Camp and joining the Campus has been a dream come true. It is like getting out from abyss to surface, moving from despair to hope, from misery to victory. My experience in University here in Kampala has been a good one. Of course there have been challenges here and there but I always manage to overcome them. Thank you so much Ian Gilbert, Debra Kidd, the Big i Foundation, WWEP and all those who are also blessed with the great heart of love, the power to empower, for giving me the opportunity to better my life. Your support has been making a big difference in my life in general and, in my studies, in particular. The word thank you will always be not enough to express what I feel about you all great guys for what you have been doing in empowering me.

Artist in the Making

My time at University is mostly spent attending lectures and doing research. In my free time, I practice the songs that I have written. I have been writing songs since I was fourteen despite the situations and circumstances I have found myself in in my life. I have love songs and gospel songs in my repertoire. So now then, allow me please to let you taste a sample, but raw, of one of my own compositions, a love song, Maybe Someday. The video and the audio qualities are not of the standard you normally enjoy but, please see through that as that’s what I can afford right now. I hope that you all like it. Enjoy!

Thank you and God bless you all. [ITL]

Nancy Mayeze

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