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Nature Is Still Here

We humans have had many changes thrust upon us over our many years on Planet Earth. In responding to them, we have sometimes learnt, and as a result we have grown a little smarter. Other times, we have responded strangely. The present is, in that way, little or no different from the past. 

In and amongst all of the noise of the last week of news, the simple fact remains that we are still breathing the air that is brought to us by the trees of the forests, we are still looking up at an amazing night sky and seeing those same stars which shone for our ancestors, we are still walking on the same planet that the dinosaurs did way back, and which our pet dogs and cats walk and sniff about in today. We can still wonder at the enormity of the oceans, see faces in the clouds, stand on a hillside and enjoy a bracing, embracing wind. We can watch the eagle fly high in the sky effortlessly following a warm updraft, and see the beetle in the decaying residue of the autumn leaves. 

Nature is still here, reassuringly constant, present, alive, verdant and abundant, asking nothing more of us than to care to connect and celebrate life. 

Take a breath, take a moment, be still and enjoy the amazing world we have right now, and then take a care and begin to play a part in ensuring it is going to remain that way forever, for all life, for every earth being, everywhere, always. (ITL)

Professor Paul Clarke is an Independent Thinking Associate and an active environmentalist, working globally to connect education with the planet outside the classroom and everything on it.

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