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Resources from David Cameron

A Conversation About Poverty, Education and the Social Mobility Deceit

A conversation about poverty, equity, the social mobility deceit, belonging and education with Chris Kilkenny and Associate (Real) David Cameron.

55-minute watch

Are We Refusing to Learn From Lockdown?

Associate (Real) David Cameron poses an important question that is vexing him during the current transformation of the education system - are we all refusing to learn from lockdown?

Five-minute read

Whatever Happened to Joined-Up Thinking?

Our Associate David Cameron (AKA the Real David Cameron) questions where 'joined-up thinking' has gone, and why academisation and school improvement aren't doing the job we need them to.

We Might Be Down But We Are Never Out

This is the text of a talk given by Chris Kilkenny in a 'Creative Conversation' with Independent Thinking Associate David Cameron in Scotland earlier this year.

Ten-minute read and watch

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