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The Negligent Treatment of Medical Anecdote

Good teachers are being publicly derided by the self-elected ‘pedagogy police’ for talking about ‘what works for me’ when the canon of ‘approved’ research indicates it shouldn’t. A perspective from medicine.

One-minute read

What If?

An article first published by the Secondary Heads Association (now ASCL) in 2004 and written by Ian Gilbert, founder of Independent Thinking. Watch out for imitations...

Five-minute read

Zero Waste Schools

After hosting a Zero-Waste Schools event in Hong Kong, Ian Gilbert highlights the nine steps schools can achieve to become zero-waste schools.

Two-minute read

Some Questions From Hong Kong’s Occupy Barricades for Teachers Everywhere

Ian Gilbert, Independent Thinking’s Founder, is currently based in Hong Kong and has been live-Tweeting from the heart of the Umbrella Revolution protests. Here he poses a series of questions for educators everywhere.

Four-minute read

The Revolution Will Not Be Metricised

Associate Lisa Jane Ashes' educational take on the famous Gil Scott Heron line - The Revolution Will Not be Televised.

Five-minute read

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