When it comes to a great INSET day or conference address we know that schools want to know they are getting someone who is relevant, useful, inspiring and, let's be honest, entertaining.

That's why we have hand-picked 33 of our top Associates who specialise in delivering at such events, covering a wide range of whole-school and leadership themes and topics.

And who we guarantee will hit all the right buttons every time. Or your money back!

The 33:

  • Mark Anderson - where technology meets great teaching and learning
  • Lisa Jane Ashes - creative classroom strategies to help all learners
  • Phil Beadle - challenging classroom convention, especially around literacy
  • Jackie Beere OBE - teaching, learning and leadership with a focus on growth mindsets
  • Mike Brearley - helping young people be 'the hero' of their own learning
  • (Real) David Cameron - talking sense on education and educational leadership
  • Simon Cooper-Hind - keeping the learning real for all children
  • Mark Creasy - re-thinking our approach to so many aspects of teaching and learning
  • Dr Andrew Curran - the learning brain by a practising paediatric neurologist
  • Stephanie Davies - the use of humour to improve learning and achievement
  • Mark Finnis - sharing the true power of Restorative Practice to change things
  • Ian Gilbert - founder of Independent Thinking, award-winning writer and a leading global educational speaker
  • Vic Goddard - school leadership, the right way
  • Dave Harris - helping school leaders be brave(r) through dialogue, not diktat
  • Crista Hazell - teaching, learning and behaviour with compassion in MFL and across the whole school
  • David Hodgson - motivation, communication and creativity
  • Martin Illingworth - thinking about teaching to make teaching and learning work for all young people. 
  • Nina Jackson - putting all children - and their well-being - at the heart of teaching and learning
  • Dave Keeling - six-foot stand-up ginger comic - and phenomenal educator
  • Gill Kelly - school leader and educator with experience across a wide range of settings
  • Dr Debra Kidd - creativity, internationalism, and doing right by your children and young people
  • Jonathan Lear - bringing learning alive by making it hard for them
  • Roy Leighton - when the adults grow, then the children can grow too
  • Dr Matthew McFall - the power of curiosity and wonder to inspire children to learn
  • Julie Rees - the power of values education to transform schools and their communities
  • Jim Roberson - teaching, learning, behaviour and achievement from The Discipline Coach
  • Hywel Roberts - creativity, engagement and general 'botheredness' in the classroom
  • Will Ryan - leadership of the creative school without forgetting the moral purpose
  • Jim Smith - the art of Lazy Teaching and how children learn more when they do more
  • Ian Taylor - inspiring children from the middle, with a special focus on maths
  • Nick Tiley-Nunn - numeracy can be made creative, whoever and wherever you are
  • Dave Whitaker - leadership, EBD, SEND and 'unconditional positive regard'
  • Floyd Woodrow MBE DCM - purpose, passion and a plan is what is needed, however old you are


To see the personal profile of each one and find out a little more about them, click on their name or else simply email us on learn@independentthinking.co.uk or call us on 0844 589 0490 and tell us what or who you are looking for and we'll help.

And remember, if you are looking something a little more 'niche', then check out our Topics page or else head to our full list of Associates which includes some great specialist Associates too.

When school budgets are being hit hard, you know you need to feel confident that an INSET day or a conference address will be an investment that will pay for itself many times over.

With over 20 years doing this sort of thing worldwide, we know that Independent Thinking's '33' will deliver every time.