“When it comes to learning maths, always remember that anybody can feed sweets to sharks”
Nick Tiley-Nunn
Nick Tiley-Nunn

Nick is a phenomenal primary maths teacher. We’ve seen with our own eyes how he combines high expectations with creativity and a sense of fun. So it comes as all the more of a surprise when he reveals how he was dreading teaching maths when he first started, something we know is not exactly uncommon.

For Nick, it was this dread that made him all the more determined not just to make sure he didn’t transmit this fear to children, but to do his best to ensure they walked away from his lesson loving maths. In his own words, ‘The thing that I do that is special is ensure that no child leaves my classroom with anything less than a love for primary mathematics, regardless of their ability’. We are sure that many of us wish we could have had Nick as our maths teacher when we were at school.

“Why is problem solving relegated to the substitute’s bench?” - How to Teach: Primary Maths

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  • Nick has been with Independent Thinking since February 2014 and is one of The 33

  • Nick’s DBS number is 001397416341 issued 6th December 2013

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Feedback from recent events include:

"I should like to thank you for coming to our conference on Friday and for speaking with such a marvellous blend of inspiration and humour which was just what was needed to leave our audience buzzing with enthusiasm. I can imagine the excitement in many primary classrooms next Monday when crocodiles etc. join the maths class!"

"I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work at the Maths Conference, I know it played a significant part in making the Conference a success. I appreciate the day had a packed agenda and you helped to keep the day running smoothly as well as making a great impact on the delegates"

"Recently my partnership group of schools really wanted to inspire a large group of teachers, Nick certainly did that. Nick was armed with crocodile function machines, Maths-inspired picture books and a wealth of creative, practical ideas. The content of Nick’s session was just what our group needed. At at a time when English could potentially dominate the Primary Curriculum, Nick reminded the room of the importance of Maths and how much fun it can and needs to be!"

"I was highly impressed with Nick, a breath of fresh air. He is a walking ambassador of the fact you don’t need to be a Mathematical genius to be a quality teacher of Maths"

"Great ideas to promote flow, circuit training maths, enjoyable and useful, relevant to everyone, stunning idea to have a practising teacher as a speaker- you get a better response, entertaining, excellent presentation, engaging presentation"

"A rainbow of mathematics brilliance"


Primary Mathematics for Primary Teachers Scared of Primary Mathematics

With Nick Tiley-Nunn. Understanding maths and learning to love it.