“Lazy teaching is all about working hard to make sure they do all the work”
Jim Smith
Jim Smith

It has been said that, sometimes, there’s so much teaching going on there’s no space for children to learn anything. That might be a controversial statement but it’s one that’s right at the heart of the ‘lazy teacher’ approach as pioneered by Jim Smith. And Jim is living proof that it works.

As Head of School and with successful exam classes each year, Jim has shown thousands of practitioners across the UK how this practical and down-to-earth approach to teaching and learning helps motivate and engage all students with great results all round. Through his two best-selling books The Lazy Teacher’s Handbook and Whole-School Progress the Lazy Way along with his highly entertaining and effective training and INSET, Jim helps teachers get the best out of their learners as well as re-examine their understanding of teaching and learning and fall back in love with the job all over again.

“It’s true - your students can learn more when you teach less” - The Lazy Teacher’s Handbook

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Feedback from recent events include:

"We loved having Jim in school. It has already had a huge impact with lots of teachers now using some of the things he mentioned"

"Thanks Jim and thanks again for such a fantastic day. I had a number of staff find me to say Thank you for getting the best CPD they'd ever had!"

"We had a brilliant day with Jim, what a lovely man, such an engaging presenter and he left everyone buzzing with ideas. I have had so many positive comments and e-mails that staff enjoyed the day so much and described him as inspirational. I am so pleased that we booked him, it was just what we needed to move our thinking and practice on"

"Firstly can I say that the feedback from the Conference Jim attended for our NQT Programme was fantastic. Everyone I’ve spoken to was really enthused by his session. In fact one NQT said, it was just what she needed, especially as she’d had a difficult week and she could have spent the whole day listening to Jim"

"I just want to say a huge thank you for the session you ran yesterday in Hereford for us NQTs. It was inspirational. You nearly brought me to tears on a number of occasions. I love teaching and love sharing knowledge and inspiring students. Your comments on only having a few lesson plans was spot on. Thank you for such an amazing session. I am so keen to start becoming the 'lazy' teacher with results! Again, thank you for such a great session"