"The moment you realise you’re an individual is the moment you'll be set free"
Mikey Markham
Mikey Markham

Sometimes it takes a working class dyslexic school failure with a gift for spoken-word poetry to show us how education can be better for all children, especially those at risk of becoming disengaged from school themselves.

Which is where inspirational spoken-word poet Mikey Markham – AKA Rhythmical Mike - comes in.

First introduced to us by Associate Martin Illingworth, Mikey has a profound effect on the young people and their teachers when he works with them. In his emotionally charged but understated way, he not only demonstrates the power of spoken-word poetry to being literacy to life in the classroom, but also the power of the human spirit to survive despite a system that seems ready to discard so many young people for not ‘fitting in’.

With a growing reputation that includes sharing a stage with the likes of Russell Brand, Rizzle Kicks, Hollie McNish and Akala, Mikey now runs poetry workshops and recitals for schools, youth centres, charities, rehabilitation organisations, universities and sports clubs and, in 2017, spoke at the Telegraph Festival of Education.

Mikey is currently available for booking at a special rate in partnership with Associate Martin Illingworth.

"What does success look like? Being happy, she replied" - What Is Beauty At School? A poem by Rhythmical Mike

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  • Mikey has been with Independent Thinking since October 2017

  • Mikey’s DBS number is 001541404760 Issued 16th August 2016

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Feedback from recent events include:

"It was fantastic to see the students engaged in creative writing; they really enjoyed the experience and were inspired by Mike, who shared with the students his own struggles with literacy at school. It just goes to show that everybody can be successful writers if they want to be!’

" I just want to say that you are an amazing guy and you're such a person to look up to. You're the coolest, awesomest, best, kind guy". Pupil at Poetry Live Event.

"I attended your seminar that was held at the Manchester United conference Centre in Manchester. I found it really informative and absolutely loved it, so thank you. "

"Heartfelt and honest, Rhythmical Mike's poetry has a profound ability to inspire and motivate all those who have the chance to listen to his words…"

"Mikey is the living embodiment of the adage to 'speak quietly but carry a large stick'. With a quiet resolution, he cleverly puts into soft words strong stories of love, life and death to create spoken-word poetry with which he assaults the heart of his mesmerised audience"