“Two words sum up what schools should do more of to improve - cultivate wonderment!”
Dr Matthew McFall
Dr Matthew McFall

Many schools pay lip service to the idea that curiosity, wonder and magic can improve motivation for learning. Dr Matthew McFall is proof - living and academic proof – that such approaches really do work.

Probably the world’s only school-based ‘Agent of Wonder’, Matthew’s research is all about strategies and structures that generate wonder and curiosity and their effect on engagement and learning. Whether it is the creation of the awesome ‘Wonder Room’ in what was effectively a large cupboard in an inner-city school to a full scale ‘Wonder Maze’ (‘Every school should have one’ – The Guardian) to school trails of philosophical questions to ‘Cabinets of Curiosities’ full of magic and wonder, Matthew has the experience to show how all schools can use such ideas to enhance learning and motivation, the academic research to back it up and the flair as a presenter to help schools make their own magic real.

“A Cabinet of Curiosities is a room, a display, or a box dedicated to the weird and the wonderful. It is a place for discovery, connection, meaning, and mystery” - The Little Book of Awe and Wonder

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  • Matthew has been with Independent Thinking since 2009 and is one of The 33

  • Matthew’s DBS number is 001429566981 Issued 18th December 2013

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Feedback from recent events include:

"Thank you again for such an inspirational morning yesterday. You really fired everyone up and I’ve seen all sorts of interesting things appearing and happening today"

“All the staff who attended were mesmerized by Matthew McFall and enthused to adopt many of the ideas. All were keen to hear him again. The idea of creating wonder- allow students to explore (get hands on!), imagine and ask/ answer questions”

"Truly inspiring, certainly reigniting my wonderment! Can’t wait to get back to school to create a wonder room!"

"You were simply outstanding today - a breath of fresh air"

"A child in my Year 2 class said that a little white bottle lid was, and I quote: 'A swimming pool for a tooth fairy!!"


Look Then Learn

With Jane Hewitt and Dr Matthew McFall. Using photography and wonder in the classroom.

Parent Event

For many schools, getting parents to the school for an event is something that is only beaten in difficulty by getting the right parents to school for an event. That said, the parents who do come to our Learning and Motivation for Parents Events always head home buzzing with ideas that are not only helpful in dealing with their children but also very relevant for their own careers and personal development.