“Start with big thoughts, proceed with little steps and look for the learning in the detail”
Zoë Elder
If you ask Zoë to come and speak to your staff on an INSET day she will turn you down. If you ask her to support your school’s professional growth in a systematic, hands-on, research-led, on-going, professional and inspiring way that makes a lasting difference then, on the other hand, she’ll bite your hand off.

Zoë brings a depth of knowledge and research to school improvement that is quite remarkable, as is exemplified in her beautiful and acclaimed teaching and learning ‘bible’ Full On Learning. Drawing on her experience as Executive Director of The Clevedon Learning Hub and Senior Leader for Leadership and Learning, Zoë not only shows you how to take the latest research and make it work in your classroom but also to how to approach every lesson in a spirit of experimentation, research and risk taking, looking especially for those small changes that can make big differences.
“Demand good thinking – if learners are to make progress, they have to experience a change in their thinking” - Full On Learning

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  • Zoë has been with Independent Thinking since 2009

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Feedback from recent events include:

"Using Zoë Elder has focused the school’s attention on what is really important - learning. Incredibly well thought-out, up to date and relevant to the needs of the school, the staff really welcome Zoë’s input as it always has impact. Some people just tell you what to do, Zoë makes you think, so you want to do something. The difference is subtle - but so crucial in getting genuine change"

"Working with Zoë has been better than I could have hoped for from an INSET session. She has given us creative strategies to employ in the classroom, suggestions of developing skills alongside subject knowledge, advice on different areas but most of all, the time to think. Thank you"

"As a result of this...I will try and implement at least 3 of these ideas in my teaching so that I can give pupils more ownership to an idea/scheme of work. In doing so, I can now consider which strategies can be used to reduce barriers to problem solving...enlightening. Thank you!"