“Values-based education not only transforms schools and their communities, it also brings hope to humanity”
Dr Neil Hawkes
Values-based education quite simply proves the power education – and school in particular – has to make everything better. It is the joint understanding and thorough application of a series of values that permeate everyone and everything and that serves to transform the children, their teachers and the wider school community. And it is all thanks to the pioneering work of Dr Neil Hawkes.

Since his time developing values-based education as a head teacher and advisor in the UK, Neil is now in demand as an author and speaker worldwide sharing his ideas and the ethos behind them. His firm belief is that by helping children develop what he calls their ‘Personal Holistic Competence’ we can better equip them with the attitudes and skills required to solve the many complex personal, social and business challenges the world will throw at them. Which is something very different from going to school to pass exams.
“Life imbues us with values; we cannot escape from them. Your pupils will sense your values as soon as you speak to them” - From My Heart

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