“If nothing gets challenged, nothing gets changed so be realistic and always demand the impossible”
Tait Coles
To say that Tait Coles is a teacher is like calling The Clash a pop group. A better description is that Tait, also Vice Principal in an inner-city academy and the man behind Punk Learning, is an impassioned educator on a mission to make learning real, relevant and right for young people from all sorts of backgrounds.

And in a way that means they don’t have to sell out their own roots and culture in the process.

At a time when children are increasingly reduced to so many numbers on an SLT spreadsheet, being groomed to be good consumers not citizens, Punk Learning is Tait’s way of ensuring that young people not only succeed in the classroom but do so as active, critical participants in the education process. This way they can go on to become involved and socially-aware members of the community. Then we might have a chance.
“Let’s inspire our learners through chaos to become anarchically self-regulating” - Never Mind the Inspectors

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  • Tait has been with Independent Thinking since April 2013

  • Tait’s DBS number is 001404250759 issued 11th May 2013

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Feedback from recent events include:

"Gave a new, alternative and different perspective - provided food for thought and was challenging in a positive way"

"Really thought-provoking – posed interesting questions about the purpose of teaching"

"Has given me the confidence to think differently"

"Engaging delivery – his passion and philosophy really came across"

"SOLO Taxonomy, hexagons and being a PUNK has taken over our college! The message of putting the students in charge has really affected people… Tait gave everyone the burst of energy and enthusiasm that is much required at the end of Summer term, the excitement that people went away with is apparent in the planning for this term and giving students a creative induction to learning that focuses on them!"


Punk Learning – Reclaiming the Classroom for the Learners

With Tait Coles. This Event shows you how making the right decisions improves the learning in the classroom.