“We need our teaching – and the conditions we generate for learning – to be informed and guided by nature, its systems and solutions”
Professor Paul Clarke
Professor Paul Clarke

Paul is an important man. We don’t say this because of his impressive contribution to the field of school improvement over the past few decades. Nor do we say it because of his role working in remote areas facing acute environmental and social crises such as Pakistan or the Australian outback. We say it because he is one of the few people we know who has an insight into the scale of the challenges the world is facing and an understanding of what we in education can do about it.

Combining his impressive academic clout with a practical, down-to-earth approach to teaching, Paul is working in a number of ways with schools around the world to help them develop what he calls ‘ecoliteracy’ – the ability to interpret, interact with and learn from natural systems to create environments that are genuinely sustainable. This, he contends, is our next big evolutionary step.

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"We have fallen into a trap of convincing ourselves of our autonomy, of our separateness from nature" - There is Another Way

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