“Einstein correctly said ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ yet was silent on the power of custard”
Ian Billings
We’re not sure what it says on Ian Billings’ passport under ‘Occupation’ but ‘Touring the world making children laugh and showing teachers how I do it’ would probably about cover it.

Ian is the UK’s leading children’s comedian and is an author, stand-up comic, performance poet, stalwart of the Edinburgh Festival and, although not the only one of our Associates to have appeared in Coronation Street, he is the only one to have written at least one episode for the Chuckle Brothers.

For Ian, literacy, imagination, creativity, laughter and fun are all intertwined and what he is very able to do, apart from draw out the best in children of all ages through his wonderful stand-up routines, is then share the secrets of his craft with teachers to take back to their classrooms. Or, as we like to say, to help them put the ‘fun’ back into ‘learning the fundamentals’.
"A grotty, knotty tale of diddling and confuddling mystery! Who nabbed and nicked the famous Cutglass Cutlass? Set sail on a gigglesome, chuckle-stuffed voyage to find out!" -Sam Hawkins Pirate Detective: The Case of the Cut Glass Cutlass

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  • Ian has been with Independent Thinking since October 2012

  • Ian’s DBS number is 001527991105 issued 28th April 2016

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Feedback from recent events include:

"I feel guilty I was being paid to watch! Just outstanding"

"Students thoroughly enjoyed the introductory assembly, in case you could not tell by all the laughter, as well as the small workshops. The students walked away from the workshops inspired and excited, which is always the sign of a great lesson"

"Fabulous to see a presenter reach all levels and ages and groups"