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Thinking, Thunking and Getting Children's Brain to Hurt

Thursday 19th November 2020

19:00 UK time

90 minutes

Special Introductory Price - £38.29 (inc VAT) per person*



If the last year has shown us anything it is that the ability to think quickly, creatively, bravely and for ourselves can make all the difference. With certainty and predictability being thrown out of the window, the children (and adults) who seem to have thrived are the ones who had already developed the skills of navigating an uncertain world and dealing with doubt, complexity and confusion.

In other words, a by-product of the preeminence of knowledge in our classrooms is that children (and adults) hear the message that someone always has the answer. Yet, as Piaget famously said, 'Intelligence is what you use when you don't know what to do'.

Drawing on nearly three decades of work in the area of thinking skills and his experience in education across the world, Independent Thinking founder Ian Gilbert will take delegates through a number of approaches to understanding and embedding skills and techniques that will turn your classroom into a thinking classroom. 

Guaranteed to make all brains hurts. And in a good way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Quick ideas for mental limbering up
  • Complexity and the power of having no rights or wrongs
  • The starting point for all creativity
  • Easy ways to generate better ideas
  • An introduction to 8Way Thinking
  • How to use Thunks in the classroom and online to get children thinking for themselves
  • The link between thinking skills and self-esteem.

This session is suitable for all teachers at both primary and secondary level.

*Because the 'one milkshake, six straws' approach is not cool, please e-mail if you want to use this for staff training and need to purchase more than one ticket. We'll do you a deal that makes sure everyone is happy. Thanks.


Ian Gilbert

Ian Gilbert

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