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Put Your Own Gas Mask on First! Understanding Your Thinking to Help Children Improve Theirs 

Thursday 12th November 2020


90 minutes

Special Introductory Price £38.29 (inc VAT)


This webinar from long-time Associate Jackie Beere is aimed at developing resilient, confident and motivated adults who can help the children and young people in their classes 'catch' this powerful state of mind.

Beginning with understanding how our own thinking works and how we can all access our innate resilience, it will cover anxious thinking and how we can strengthen well-being in ourselves and others through micro-coaching. It will then explore how teachers can serve as change agents for pupils and help them develop self-regulation through metacognition.

This session will be practical with opportunities for Q&A too.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain an insight into how our thinking really works - for better or for worse.
  • Build methods for creating a resilient state of mind.
  • Look at micro-coaching as a way of helping others overcome limiting beliefs.
  • Learn five ways to develop a contagious can-do culture.
  • Discover how to become a change agent for your pupils.

This session is suitable for all teachers at both primary and secondary level, especially those involved in leadership.

Jackie Beere OBE

Jackie Beere OBE

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