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We asked our Associates what they wanted to deliver online in this brave new world.

From emotional health and well-being to leadership, thinking skills and curriculum design, this affordable series will run across 2020 and 2021 with something for educators everywhere.

Click on the boxes below to find out more about each one and how to book your front-row seat.

Cultural Capital and "The Best That has Been Thought and Said" with Phil Beadle

With 'cultural capital' flavour of the day currently, it's important all teachers consider exactly what this terms means. Let Phil Beadle be your guide. 

23rd September 2020

Sanity in the Classroom with Andy Vass

Learn from Andy Vass how positive classroom management is about relationships, communication and conversations. 

29th September 2020

Gilbert Filbert and His Big MAD Box - Teaching Children How to Make a Difference

Just what are the thinking skills children need when it comes to learning how to make a difference? Find out with this special free pop-up conversation from the authors of a very special little book.

30th September 2020

Blended Learning in MFL for 2020 and Beyond with Crista Hazell

Join MFL specialist Crista Hazell to explore how to make MFL teaching and learning a truly blended  - and future proof - experience.

3rd October 2020

How to Use Stories to Enhance the Curriculum with Hywel Roberts and Dr Debra Kidd

Learn how to improve learning and engagement by tapping into every teacher's secret weapon - the power of story.

12th October 2020

How to Support Pupils with Dyslexia in Your Classroom with Nina Jackson

A practical, hands-on webinar full of ideas, understandings and strategies to support the child with dyslexia in your classroom.

20th October 2020

Learning to Learn – Helping Pupils Become Outstanding, Self-regulating Learners with Jackie Beere

Drawing on lessons from her new book, Jackie Beere will share strategies around teaching and learning, motivation, emotional intelligence and that all-important life skill, self regulation.

22nd October and 9th December 2020

Put Your Own Gas Mask on First! Understanding Your Thinking to Help Children Improve Theirs with Jackie Beere

Work with Jackie Beere to explore the positive impact great thinking can have on your life - and that of the children and young people in your classes.

12th November 2020

How to Build Student Investment in Learning in Your Classroom with Dr Debra Kidd and Hywel Roberts

Having learners engaged in your classroom might just be them being polite. Getting them invested takes learning to a whole new level. Find out how with Debra and Hywel.

November 11th 2020

How to Support Pupils with ADD/ADHD in Your Classroom with Nina Jackson

Understanding ADD/ADHD is a challenge, let alone knowing what to do to best support the child with it in your classroom. This webinar will help!

24th November 2020

How to Develop Oracy, Articulacy and Confidence in Your Classroom with Hywel Roberts and Dr Debra Kidd

Learn research-driven insights and practical techniques for getting all students to speak up in the classroom and develop the critical life skill of oracy. A new webinar from Hywel and Debra.

7th December 2020

How to Establish a Positive Behaviour Culture with Dr Debra Kidd and Hywel Roberts

Pick up from Debra Kidd and Hywel Roberts the key skills for positive behaviour and a great learning environment 

Now available for on-demand booking

Transition in MFL - the Progressive Journey from KS2 to KS3 with Crista Hazell

Transition is a real make-or-break moment for young language learners. Join our MFL specialist Crista Hazell for ideas and strategies to make sure you get it right.

Now available for on-demand booking

Well-being In a Time of Uncertainty with Nina Jackson

Let our well-being and emotional health guru Nina Jackson take you through all you need to create happy, healthy schools.

Now available for on-demand booking

Ensuring Progression in MFL - A Curriculum Focus with Crista Hazell

The key to great language teaching is in the quality of the curriculum you offer. Explore the best in MFL curriculum ideas in a post-covid world with our MFL specialist Crista Hazell.

Now available for on-demand booking

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