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Pick 'n' Mix Remote INSET

You choose the topics. You choose the Associates. We supply the videos and the provocations. Easy. 

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, what it has done is rewrite the rules books about what's possible when it comes to high-quality INSET and CPD.

So, how about a remote INSET event where you pick any range of topics and any number of Associates and we work with you to ensure your staff are challenged, developed and entertained with a combination of bespoke videos and written material?

"I loved having the sessions pre-recorded; I could revisit parts to make more detailed notes and it's great having the recording to refer back to later. I really enjoyed seeing the presenters and the ideas shared were amazing. I am glad I could pause/rewind/revisit to make the most of them which I wouldn't have been able to do in a live/face to face session."

We prepared the first of these new remote events in partnership with a secondary school in the North East who were blown away by what they received and how well it went.

"I found the remote CPD really engaging - especially the presenters’ bespoke presentations. It felt better than a ‘normal’ CPD, as I was able to access it at my own pace, so I felt I was taking action on the ideas as soon as I was inspired by the speakers!"

Whether you are a special, a primary or a secondary school or a college, we can work with you to put together the ideal combination of bespoke video input along with a specially written series of provocations to get colleagues really thinking about, reflecting on and then changing practice.

"I think the provocations are really helpful and a fantastic tool to help teachers develop their skills of reflection, which really is so important at the minute... I think they can also be used by CPD leaders to refer back to in future, as it's a fabulous record of what was covered and can help inform the planning of future CPD."

To start your planning drop us a line on or give us a call on 01267 211432 and we'll have a chat about how we can help.

The pandemic has been dire* but the new opportunities such adversity has thrown up are genuinely exciting.

We look forward to hearing from you.



*Other adjectives are available.

Make a booking, ask a question, panic. All acceptable.

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