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Peace, Love and the Power of an Education

Jim Roberson and Roy Leighton

The behaviour of the adults will often dictate the behaviour of the students. We say this not to blame you but to empower you.

By prioritising relationships and drawing lessons from the worlds of the Arts, sport and peace studies, schools can improve behaviour, attendance and achievement without resorting to what many see as institutional violence.

Takeaways from the day will include:

  • The number one skill for teachers to get the most out of you and your students.
  • How to recognise the three kinds of violence - direct, structural and cultural - that lead to challenging behaviour, low expectations and disengagement.
  • How to get into - and then out of - constructive conflict.
  • The five ways to be an ‘activist for building positive peace’ in schools.
  • Explore the link between self-motivation and values and how to read the signals that indicate that someone is seeing and experiencing the world differently.

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