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The Kindness Principle - Making Relational Behaviour Management Work

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90 minutes


Relationships should be at the heart of behaviour management and culture in schools. This new webinar from Associate and school leader Dave Whitaker will introduce proven and realistic ways in which relational practice can help create safer and happier schools, where all staff and pupils are valued and understood, where expectations and standards are high and where kindness and acceptance matter.

Drawing on his considerable experience working in and leading PRUs, special schools and AP schools, this webinar will be a practical and realistic insight into how kindness can transform behaviour - and how hard it is to do. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Why it is important to understand children and young people rather than simply seek to control them
  • The power of unconditional positive regard and how to use it
  • How fear and anxiety can influence behaviour and what to do about it
  • The importance of making connections, even when you don't want to!
  • How curiosity and empathy combine to build a powerful school culture
  • 50% off Dave's brand-new book The Kindness Principle.

Dave's webinar is for all those working in primary, secondary and special school environments who want to explore the power of kindness to improve behaviour and strengthen relationships.

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