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Teenagers and Their Behaviour - What All Teachers Need to Know

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75 minutes


All you asked was that they put their bag on the floor and WHAM! Oh yes, the teenage years are a very particular time in the neurological, sociological and psychological development of a growing human being.

Drawing on her experience in mainstream classrooms, PRUs and AP settings across the country, join Independent Thinking Associate Adele as she explores the workings of the teenage brain and unravels some of its mysteries. What can teachers do to get the best out of all members of a sector of society that is largely misunderstood and often discriminated against as a result, what are the implications for their learning approaches and how can we support our teens to become positive players in wider social change.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how a teenager's brain differs to that of a child or an adult
  • Explore a variety of the typical teenage behaviours, why they happen, why they happen to us and how we might best respond
  • Learn how to help teenage pupils thrive in your classroom and across the school.

Adele's webinar is suitable for all those with a teen in their life - secondary teachers, middle leaders and school leaders, support staff and pastoral leads and parents and carers.

Adele Bates

Adele Bates

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