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Sanity in the Classroom

This event is now available on request for groups of any size.

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90 minutes


Over 15,000 teachers have experienced this unique and dynamic session from long-time Associate Andy Vass, exploring what excellent classroom management looks, sounds and feels like.

The central theme is that positive relationships and emotionally intelligent leadership are essential for high quality learning to occur, and that adults must lead by their own behaviours.

This webinar will give delegates the opportunity to explore and acquire a wide range of highly successful, next-day skills, structures, and attitudes that the most skilled teachers routinely demonstrate as they positively influence behaviour and learning.

In addition, Andy will share proven ideas to support your own resilience, energy and motivation, all with a focus on allowing you to be the best version of yourself.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to support well-being and self-esteem in you and your students.
  • Learn the nine steps to correcting with dignity.
  • Understand how to use influential directional language.
  • Respond effectively to most common classroom behaviours.
  • The ten most effective strategies for refocusing behaviour quickly.
  • How to maintain a consistent focus on quality learning and engagement.

This session is suitable for NQTs, trainees and those in the early years of their career and all teachers keen to become even better in creating positive influence and managing the classroom dynamic even more effectively.

Andy Vass

Andy Vass

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