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How Do We Solve a Problem Like... Poor Behaviour?

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60 minutes


The Problem-Solving webinars delivered by Lisa Jane Ashes are designed to address the everyday problems we face as educators. 

In this one, Lisa asks, how do we approach solving the problem of poor behaviour?

With a career teaching in some very challenging schools, including three years undercover as a supply teacher, Lisa has a wealth of case studies and resources that can be adapted to even the most unruly of classes. You will be supported to observe your problems from all perspectives, driving you closer to the solution and she will help you explore ways to take the emotions out - and put the practical solutions in - to help. 

Pick up tips about behaviour, engagement and motivation as well as discover your inner problem-solving ninja in a 60-minute session that will leave you feeling energised and motivated for what lies ahead.

Key Takeaways:

  • Resources that can be adapted or applied right away
  • A plan of action to move forward towards finding a variety of practical and workable solutions
  • A method for problem solving that can be applied in all aspects of your teaching
  • The reassuring knowledge that you are not the only one who has such problems... we are all human after all!

Lisa's webinar is ideal for NQTs, new teachers, and experienced teachers who are looking for extra strategies to address behaviour in their classrooms. Suitable for KS2, KS3, KS4 and KS5.

Lisa Jane Ashes

Lisa Jane Ashes

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